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Mechanical Engineer

Areas of Expertise:

Mechanical Engineering
Life Support Systems
Diving Equipment & Accidents
Maritime Systems
Mechanical Equipment
Explosive Devices 


Ace J. Sarich is one of CED’s mechanical engineers with extensive experience in maritime systems and explosive devices. Mr. Sarich holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Naval Postgraduate School and earned his Bachelor’s degree from the United States Naval Academy. 

Mr. Sarich began his career as a Commissioned Officer in the Navy and progressed to Navy SEAL Coordinator and Instructor of Mechanical and Naval Systems Engineering for the Naval Academy. Ace became Vice President of Engineering in the private sector and managed the research and development of combustion engines. He then provided engineering, programmatic and operational consulting services to Naval Special Warfare, SEAL and Explosive Ordnance Disposal clients.

Mr. Sarich spent the next fifteen years as Vice President of Marine Acoustics where he was Principal Engineer and Director of the Voice Technology Division that directed the development, production and fielding of the Phaselator®. His long commitment to excellence makes Ace a valuable asset to the Mechanical Engineering field. 

Mr. Sarich has been awarded and honored on numerous occasions including the Christopher Columbus Foundation Award for Homeland Security, Defense Advanced Research Projects and many military recognitions. Mr. Sarich has also co-authored Life Support Systems Design, an engineering textbook and reference for diving and hyperbaric systems, as well as authored numerous technical reports and papers. 


M.S.M.E., Mechanical Engineering, Naval Postgraduate School
B.S., Naval Science, United States Naval Academy 


American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL
Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) 

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