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CED Technologies Inc. is a leading forensic engineering and accident reconstruction company providing litigation support and expertise for law firms, insurance companies and manufacturers. Initially formed as a group of United States Naval Academy (USNA) Professors, CED Technologies has grown to over 30 employees and six locations nationwide. This growth has allowed us to attract highly experienced and merited experts both from the academia world as well as from such disciplines as product design and construction management. CED has also expanded its scientific expertise from vehicular and industrial accidents to areas such as mold, construction related accidents, marine, slip and falls, bio-mechanical, fire cause and origin, human factors, consumer product analysis, electrical engineering and environmental sciences.

CED’s success is driven by the sound engineering, careful testing and strict attention to courtroom needs. Our engineers are highly qualified with a combined knowledge of over 125 years of engineering expertise. We also apply proven investigative methods using the latest technology along with the established national body of standards to create a complete picture of the accident. This comprehensive approach of expertise, and proven state of the art technology allows us to substantiate a detailed and thorough opinion that can withstand some of the toughest deposition appearances and courtroom trials.

CED’s success is not only demonstrated by our sound approach to accident reconstruction and investigative engineering but also through the representation of both plaintiff and defense cases through expert testimony. CED has represented manufacturers and insurance companies in large product liability cases and has also assisted in claims of personal injury caused by disregard for product design.

CED’s Multi-Faceted Approach

Sometimes investigating a simple accident or loss can turn into a complex investigation.  During the initial investigation our engineer will sometimes uncover an additional probable cause that may have several different areas that contributed.  The question then arises if the primary engineer has the  qualifications and expertise to submit an opinion that is courtroom ready.  In a lot of cases the answer is no, thus leaving the client having to find, select and qualify experts in  other disciplines that will work in conjunction with the primary forensic engineer.  CED Technologies has engineers with multiple disciplines that work together as a team,  this allows CED engineers to deliver comprehensive opinions giving the case “Daubert Insurance” when a case requires additional support from other disciplines.

An example of how powerful a multi-faceted team approach can cover all aspects of a case is seen below in the illustration. In this illustration, a vehicular accident has occurred for which the causes are relatively unknown. CED has the ability to approach the accident with a team of additional engineers ( if needed) and deliver an opinion that covers causation from various disciplines. This is completed with qualified experts in each field making the opinion  withstand even the toughest juries and critics


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