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    CED Survey Questions

    1. How convenient are our methods to communicate with you?
    ExtremelyVeryModeratelySlightlyNot at all

    2. How professional is our company?
    ExtremelyVeryModeratelySlightlyNot at all

    3. Compared to our competitors, how would you rate our services?
    Much BetterSomewhat BetterSlightly BetterAbout the sameSomewhat WorseMuch Worse

    4. How Responsive is our company to your needs?
    ExtremelyVeryModeratelySlightlyNot at All

    5. How well did our staff manage your expectations?
    ExtremelyVeryModeratelySlightlyNot at all

    6. How Likely are you to recommend our company to people you know?
    ExtremelyVeryModeratelySlightlyNot at All

    7. About how many times per year does your organization retain experts?

    General Comments

    Please check off your practice areas:
    Vehicular AccidentsCivil/StructuralConsumer ProductsPremise LiabilityElectricalIndustrial MachineryBiomechanicsOSHA/SafetyMaterial SciencesMarine/MaritimeHuman FactorsFires - Cause & OriginEnvironmentalFirst Responsive ServicesOther

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