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Mold/Industrial Hygiene

Mold/Industrial Hygiene


With the potential of global warming and inadequate ventilation in structures, cases involving mold are on the rise. Mold could result in a broad range of health problems including infection. CED Technologies Inc.'s mold experts have the capability to determine the cause and type of mold and in some cases suggest repair measures.

CED’s mold experts have specialized training in mold and are certified mold inspectors.

Our services include:

  • Inspections related to the existence and extensiveness of mold
  • Mold sample gathering for laboratory determination of mold types
  • Analysis related to how the mold is being caused
  • Scheduling of actions for the removal of mold
  • Determining actions needed to stop mold from reappearing after being removed

Technical equipment for testing includes:

  • Mold type sampling equipment
  • Non-Invasive Moisture Meter
  • Boroscope
  • Optical Binocular Microscope


Since our first case 30 years ago, CED has been a powerful asset in thousands of investigations into the cause of accidents and product failures. Our success has been driven

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