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Engineering Studies

CED Technologies Inc. has the capability to provide engineering studies and research using state of the art equipment and engineering expertise.

CED Engineers have been involved in product failures and analysis cases for over 25 years, so they know what to look for when it comes to product design and/or testing.  CED Engineers also have been members of standard bodies or involved in the standard compliance testing so they understand and possess knowledge to help ensure that products are certified and tested to the latest standards.
We have extensive expertise in the areas of:

  • Highway Studies
  • Statistical Analysis Studies
  • Focus Group Studies

Strong Analytics and Communication Skills

When a potential loss or a case occurs that could lead to litigation, it is important to retain an expert that has the proper skills and requirements as well as an expert that can effectively communicate and connect with a jury or client. CED Technologies Inc. was formed by a group of United State Naval Academy professors who saw the need for engineers with teaching and business backgrounds to be able to formulate and breakdown complex theories into plain language.  This ability is one of CED’s strengths. Most of our engineers have a teaching or business background that has provided them with the resources and skills to withstand the scrutiny of testifying and the ability to connect with juries and clients.

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