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Case Study: Investigating Waterfront Construction

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Case Study: Investigating Waterfront Construction

On the Scene E-Newsletter, Edition 112, March 29, 2010

20100329_2CED Investigative Technologies was recently retained by counsel in a construction defect case involving a pressure-treated marine bulkhead.  In the complaint, inadequate materials were identified as having been used in the construction of the more than 12-year old bulkhead.  The complaint also mentioned chemical testing of the preservative levels in the lumber, and the weathered condition of the galvanized bulkhead hardware.

The CED engineer on the case was a civil engineer with an ocean engineering subspecialty. The engineer inspected the site and evaluated the site-specific weathering conditions, which varied from a highly exposed bay-front to a well-protected lagoon over the one-thousand foot length of marine bulkhead. CED also commented on the appropriateness of the preservative treated lumber and referenced the applicable industry standard.  The investigation and analysis of the construction details and the appropriate standards, led to a speedy resolution and case settlement.

In all construction cases, it is important that the expert possess the appropriate engineering credentials to qualify them to work on a case.  The unique stresses and challenges that face construction in a maritime setting require an expert that has trained and worked in waterfront settings and who is familiar with the vagaries of this environment. CED was originally formed by a group of United States Naval Academy professors and instructors with decades  of maritime knowledge and experience. 

In marine construction cases, CED also has the unique ability to put divers with professional engineering licenses in the water to further an investigation. On other marine bulkhead cases, CED has conducted in-water investigations of damaged steel bulkheads to assist clients with causation analysis on their claims.




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