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Chicken and Egg of Materials Science and Law

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Advances in law often coincide with advances in technology. Regulations involving toxic chemicals are an example. Adverse biological effects from toxic chemicals can result in regulations designed to limit their presence in our daily lives. Advances in materials science have made it practical to monitor toxic chemicals and therefore enforce these regulations.

An example is detection of lead in household items including paint, water and children’s toys. Detection of lead in these items is now easier than ever. In one example, test kits designed to detect lead in children’s toys can be ordered over the internet. In another example, contractors can purchase “point and shoot” devices to test for lead paint. Appropriate use of these detection methods can protect our health. Inappropriate use can lead to “false positives” and unnecessary anxiety.

Regulations and technology are continually changing. Staying abreast of changes in regulation is not easy. Staying abreast of technology to enforce regulation is not easy either. That’s where CED can help. CED has a staff of engineers with expertise in areas such as:

• Industrial hygiene
• Chemical engineering
• Materials science/Metallurgy

Our engineers have experience in identifying sources of contamination. Our engineers have ability to test materials and verify results. Please call us today at 800.748.4221 to discuss a possible case.

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