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I love working with a team of engineers that are truly curious and insightful. The variety of case work and team interactions keep me refreshed and ready to tackle each new day. 

CED’s culture stands out because our main goal is to be excellent at what we do. Unlike many organizations that exist, our main focus is not revenue and profit.  We realize that growth and sustainability will continue well into the future as we continue to focus on providing quality services to our clients. There are no gimmicks and false advertisements, no fiduciary responsibilities to share holders and outside investors, and there are no other competing interests that deter from the overall goal to just be excellent at forensic engineering.  

Anthony Gandolf

director of business development, southern florida region

I started at CED almost 20 years ago. I have found a family, a home, and a happy life all because of our CEO, who is a great leader.
Del Sheehy Admin Day 2024
Del Sheehy
Administrative Assistant

While I have worked with a variety of companies over my career, CED is by far the best I have found. What I enjoy the most is the opportunity to contribute. CED is always receptive to new ideas. If I see a new way of doing something, CED encourages and supports me. I enjoy coming to work every day.

Jeanne Riggen

Administrative Assistant