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Investigation Construction Defects


Investigating Construction Defects

The construction boom, which many parts of the country have enjoyed for so long, has brought the inevitable construction disputes with it. Here at CED we are called upon on a regular basis to sort out and investigate claims pertaining to defective design and construction. These claims can involve anything from a single family home to a condominium high rise.

The lead engineer for these types of disputes must conduct a careful review of the building plans and specifications, as well as communicate with the parties involved in order to determine what defects are being alleged. Once armed with the knowledge of how the structure was

designed, and what deficiencies are said to exist, the expert can then perform an onsite inspection in order to determine whether the alleged defects are present and, if so, whether they can be traced to defective construction or, in some cases, defective design. Recently, CED was called upon to inspect a condominium high rise in Florida where the residents and property management alleged that materials and techniques used by the developer and its subcontractors were deficient in that they did not conform to the design specifications or local building codes. CED engineers performed a detailed onsite inspection of the premises and were able to determine that many of the alleged defects were due to the developer and its subcontractors failing to adhere to the blueprints, design specifications and local building codes. In that case, each condo unit was carefully inspected to determine whether it conformed to design specifications as well as local building codes.

The education, experience and expertise of CED expert engineers are invaluable assets to the client. Each case is unique, and our experts approach each one with the focus and determination earned through many years of experience. The expertise required to determine how a structure was designed to have been built, and whether the finished structure conforms to that design, as well as building code requirements, is crucial to the successful outcome of any such investigation. If you have a case involving allegations of defective design or construction why not call upon the best.

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