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Parking Lots Present Premises Liability Problems

On the surface it seems so simple: park your car and walk to your nearby destination. The numbers say otherwise. Even though most are minor incidents without injuries, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that an average of 91,000 people are injured annually in parking lot incidents involving vehicles, and 35% of those injured are pedestrians nonoccupants. Parking lot incidents kill nearly 2,000 people each year and 39% of fatalities are pedestrians or nonoccupants.

Combine these vehicle incidents with the number of slips, trips, and falls that occur in parking lots, and the numbers get even larger. The risk of personal injury in parking lots can be reduced with proper design, construction, lighting, and maintenance.

An accident reconstructionist is usually involved with Motor Vehicle Accidents, but the unique parking lot environment may call for other disciplines and specialties, like conspicuity and/or human factors experts. Additionally, civil engineers can opine on parking lot design, construction, and maintenance.

Pedestrian Strikes require an accident reconstructionist who is familiar with accessibility guidelines, Life Safety Codes, building codes, and ASTM guidelines as well as roadway markings and signage that guide pedestrians through a parking lot. A forensic engineer is often essential in evaluating Slip Trips & Falls cases to determine the cause of the incident and if the incident could have been avoided.

CED Technologies has mechanical engineers, civil engineers and human factors experts who have investigated parking lot accidents all over the country. If you have a case involving a parking lot or premises liability claim, contact us or submit a case request online.

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