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Pre-Construction Survey

Spending a little money up front can save money in the long run

So you might wonder, what is included in a pre-construction survey? Essentially, our experts memorialize the condition of the existing property before construction. We take photographs, measurements, and in some cases use 3D laser scanning. The location, type, size, and orientation of any existing defects are cataloged and described for future use should a claim or litigation arise. CED also has the ability to monitor vibrations and noise in and around the construction site and adjacent properties. Monitoring vibrations and noise during construction can quantify the levels, and determine the difference between an annoyance level or a level associated with potential damage to adjacent properties, helping to avoid potential claims.

Some of our clients are construction companies who take the initiative to save money in the pre-construction phase to save money in the event that litigation occurs in the post-construction phase. By performing pre-construction surveys of properties adjacent to a construction site, the construction company (and its carrier) potentially save money in the long run when handling claims and possible litigation associated with damage alleged to have been caused from construction.

A pre-construction survey can protect the interests of both property owners and construction companies and ensure that the construction project does not cause any damage to possible claimant’s property. The survey will document the current condition of the property and will help expedite processing of any potential future claims, if there are claims of damage.

CED got into this business because of the work we typically do in the post construction / litigation phase, where we put our forensics to work to determine liability for construction claims. Proactive clients and carriers have figured out that getting CED involved early on large construction projects saves money in the long run. To find out how CED can help your construction company or client, or how to better manage the pre-construction survey process, please contact us.Click Here To See Our Full List of Experts Click Here To Submit an Inquiry about a possible Claim or Case.

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