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Premises Liability Cases and Surveillance Cameras

Many homes and businesses install outdoor security cameras to capture surveillance video and improve safety. When it comes to premises liability cases, these security cameras can provide a unique perspective on how an incident occurred.

Information taken from videos can be helpful in capturing the incident scene immediately before and at the time of the occurrence. For example, a spill on a floor where someone slipped may have occurred in a way that the party charged with keeping a safe walking surface had plenty of time to notice the hazard and clean it up. Alternatively, the video could show that the hazard occurred such a short time before the incident that there was no time to notice and remediate the hazard.

For premises liability cases using surveillance video, a biomechanical engineer can also incorporate gait and fall dynamics gathered from the video to help determine the cause of the incident (whether it was a slip, trip, or misstep, for example).

3D laser scanning technology can be enlightening. A 3D point cloud, obtained using a scanner or a Lidar-equipped device, can assist in the analysis of the walking surface. The rendered point cloud can also be used to create a simulation of the incident.

Surveillance footage, combined with accident reconstruction, site evaluation, and 3D scanning, provides our engineers with the tools to accurately investigate premises liability cases. Contact us for your next premises liability case or claim, or submit a request online.

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