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Securing the Workplace

Right now, there’s a lot to keep in mind – and that’s an understatement. Is your office closing for an unknown period of time? Is your child coming home from their off-campus college apartment? Are you a small business owner closing its doors? When we all go back to the office after it’s over, you’ll want to make sure you’re not coming back to an unexpected mess.

Keep these steps in mind to ensure you have an office to return to:

  1. Ready the building:
    • If possible, drain your pipes. Temperate weather is coming, but March has been known to have a surprise snowstorm or two. If you lose power, your pipes may freeze.
    • On that same note, keep the heat set at 60° Fahrenheit.
    • Turn off electricity to unnecessary functions – think water heater or unused rooms.
  2. Keep business running:
    • Set up mail forwarding and leave a sign to notify deliveries of the closure.
    • Set up calls to forward – your office phone system might have a built-in solution.
  3. Leave one or two lights on timers to give the look of building use.
  4. Notify any external support (cleaning companies, landscapers, etc.) that your building will be shut down for the time being.
  5. Final step – don’t forget to set the alarm and lock up!

If you or your client comes back to an office or apartment that is damaged, we can help. Our engineers have decades of experience reviewing damage to a building, including structural damage.

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