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Slips Trips and Biomechanics

Slip & Fall and Trip & Fall accidents traditionally are assigned to a mechanical or a civil engineer.  However, a biomechanical engineer brings an additional element to the case, since that individual can also evaluate if the claimed injuries are consistent with the how the accident occurred.

A biomechanical engineer is also a mechanical engineer and shares much of the same academic course work as that of a mechanical engineer.  Moreover, a biomechanical engineer sits for the same P.E. exam as does a mechanical engineer.  The critical difference is that a biomechanical engineer can address both the site conditions and determine the link between the injuries and the body motion necessary to attain those injuries.

As it relates to fall accidents, a biomechanical is a mechanical engineer with a specialty in body motion and injury evaluation.  Like a mechanical engineer, a biomechanical engineer can:

  • Measure the slip resistance of surfaces by doing friction testing.
  • Ensure that stairs and walkways are built and maintained in compliance with the applicable building codes.
  • Investigate lighting, measure illumination levels and determine lighting gradients

But, a biomechanical engineer is also a biomechanical engineer.  They study the effects of forces on the human body.  So, a biomechanical engineer can also investigate and opine on:

  • Was it a trip, slip or misstep? Trips are distinctly different events than slips and can result in distinctly different injury patterns and motions.  A biomechanical engineer is uniquely qualified to opine on these matters.  Determining if somebody, tripped on a crack in the side walk, slipped on a puddle of liquid or miss stepped in their footwear can be important in determining the cause and responsibility for an incident.


  • Could the event have occurred as described? A biomechanical engineer can investigate a slip/trip and fall event and opine on whether a particular event could actually have taken place in the manner alleged.  For instance, if somebody tripped at a particular point, is it likely or even physically possible for them to have struck their head at a different point?


  • Does the Injury mechanism exist: A biomechanical engineer studies how outside forces affect the human body.  There are different types of injury patterns, all telling different stories.  An injured shoulder from a weekend football game might look distinctly different than an injured shoulder from a slip and fall in a parking lot.

CED Technologies has biomechanical engineers who have investigated slip & falls and trip & fall all over the country. If you have a case or claim involving a slip/trip and fall, call us at 1-800-780-4221 or contact us here.Click Here To See Our Full List of Experts Click Here To Submit an Inquiry about a possible Claim or Case.

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