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Alexandra Maddox
Biomechanical Engineer


Ph.D. Candidate, University of Cincinnati, Expected Fall of 2023
B.S., Biomedical Engineering, University of Cincinnati, May 2015

Areas of Expertise

Biomechanical Engineering
Slip, Trip and Fall
Injury Analysis
Occupant Kinematics
Material Deformation and Failure
Mechanics of Solids
Accessibility, Building Code, Life Safety Evaluations
Premises Liability
Human-Environment Interactions
Medical Product Design and Evaluation
Human Factors
Fluid Mechanics


Alexandra Maddox is one of CED’s Biomechanical Engineers. Alexandra earned her Bachelor’s in Science in Biomedical Engineering and is completing her Doctorate in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Cincinnati. While pursuing her bachelor’s degree, Alexandra gained work experience through the co-op program in both the medical device industry and in laboratory research. In her time as a Biomedical Engineer with Boston Scientific Alexandra saw medical device production through its entire life process, from development and design, to manufacturing and production. In her undergraduate research Alexandra specialized in the tissue biomechanics of airway collapse during sleep apnea. Her work on this topic was awarded University of Cincinnati’s Biomedical Engineering Student Award for most outstanding research in her graduating class.

Alexandra’s graduate research is a collaboration between the Laryngeal Biomechanics Lab within the College of Medicine, and the Gas Dynamics and Propulsion Lab within the College of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics. Her research uses advanced high-speed imaging methods to capture the complex fluid mechanics and tissue biomechanics involved in the flow-structure interaction of voice and speech production. In her graduate work Alexandra collaborated with leading physicians to optimize surgical procedures and outcomes by applying the principles of aerospace engineering to voice production in new and novel ways. Her work in this field has been presented at international conferences, resulted in multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals, and was awarded the Leo Beranek Student Medal of Excellence. Prior to graduation, Alexandra provided technical expertise to the U.S. Government on the testing and evaluation of voice analytic tools and other biometric devices being considered for personal vetting as a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the University of Maryland Applied Research Lab for Intelligence and Security. Alexandra is a member of ASA and ASME.

Office Location: Maryland-Annapolis

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