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Swimming Pool Accidents

As June moves into July and the temperature rises, people start flocking to swimming pools for relief and recreation.  With this migration comes the annual spike in accidents and mishaps.  CED is called on to investigate a number of pool accidents every year, and they usually fall into these categories:

  • Drowning: This is the second leading cause of accidental injury-related death among children ages 1 to 14.
  • Diving Accidents: 6,500 adolescents a year are brought to the hospital because of diving-related injuries.  Studies show that eight out of 10 diving accidents happened in a swimming pool that had no warning signs.
  • Construction Defects and Equipment Failures: Swimming pools are not inexpensive.  Most new installations can have price tags of forty to fifty thousand dollars and up.  The equipment needed to operate and maintain them is getting more and more complicated and expensive.

Our civil engineers have investigated cracking issues with in-ground pools and the pavers and tiles surrounding them.  CED’s analysis has involved shifting or settling resulting in pool damage, construction analysis, natural phenomenon (flooding, sinkholes or hurricanes), or nearby construction influences.

CED’s mechanical engineers can analyze the machinery needed to operate and maintain a pool, how and why pumps fail, and filter design.  CED’s mechanical engineers are also familiar with the installation, maintenance, and repair of pool equipment.

  • Slips, Trips, and Falls:  Pool area components – deck surfaces, unique steps, ladders, slides and diving boards used to enter and exit a pool, and lighting conditions – all can potentially contribute to an incident.  CED engineers can perform slip resistance testing of walking surfaces, and understand the codes and standards that govern pools.
  • Human Factors and Warning Signs: Many of the activities in and around swimming pools are unique to that environment.  The age and activities of those using a pool often create unique incidents that require a human factors expert.  CED has experts in both human factors and in warning signs with decades of experience in the field.


CED Technologies has mechanical engineers, civil engineers and human factors experts who have investigated swimming pool accidents all over the country. If you have a case involving a swimming pool, call us at 1-800-780-4221 or contact us here.Click Here To See Our Full List of Experts Click Here To Submit an Inquiry about a possible Claim or Case.

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