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The Benefits of Building Green

The benefits of green building, or sustainable construction, are numerous. Green construction aims to eliminate or reduce negative environmental effects during the design, construction, and operation phases. The initiative is not only to reduce the use of energy and resources, but to create buildings that have a positive impact on the environment.

Numerous studies have documented cases of the “sick building syndrome” that can create an unhealthy living or work environment in both residential and commercial buildings. Older buildings and those located in warmer climates, when combined with inadequate ventilation, can be particularly concerning. An improperly drained HVAC system collecting stagnate condensation can allow unhealthy mold spores to develop in the air system.

An ecologically friendly building can significantly improve the quality of life for its residents in the long term. Energy-efficient green buildings automatically turn off HVAC systems when not needed in order to maintain the correct temperature and humidity, creating and keeping optimal health conditions. Software and sensors can be installed to monitor a ventilation system to prevent CO2, present in underground garages, from recirculating through the building.

Besides HVAC systems, green building technology also makes use of motion detectors, RFID scanners, access card readers, and other sensors to monitor the occupancy status of building zones. When an area of a structure is unused, this technology can automatically shut off lights and adjust HVAC, cooling, heating, and ventilation options. Building owners see savings in their energy expenses by eliminating unnecessary energy using this technology. Green building has positive environmental, economic, and social ramifications.

Structural engineering factors greatly into green building design. Green design strategies can directly impact the structure of a building. CED has a team of civil and mechanical engineers with the capability to investigate claims in all construction settings. Submit your construction case here.

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