The “Fatal Four”

Data taken from the website for 2016 tells an informative yet alarming story. Simply said, one in five worker fatalities occurred in construction related activity. Significantly, four incident categories represented more than half of these deaths. These “Fatal Four” categories are:

Category                                         Percent of total construction fatalities


Falls                                                                              38.7%

Struck by Object                                                            9.4%

Electrocutions                                                                8.3%

Caught-in-between                                                        7.3%


“Caught-in-between” involves deaths from getting caught-in or compressed by equipment or objects. It also includes getting struck, caught or crushed by a collapsing structure or other equipment/material.

CED Technologies has a long history investigating incidences involving these Fatal Four categories.  If you have a case or claim involving a construction accident, call us at 1-800-780-4221 or contact us here.