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Top 5 Signs it’s Time to Replace Windows

Throughout the year the windows in your home provide an essential service: letting in sunlight and cool breezes in the summer, providing insulation when running an HVAC system, and keeping out the cold in the winter. What happens when your windows are no longer functioning as they should? What signs should you look for when considering replacing them?

Here are the top 5 signs homeowners notice when it’s time to replace windows:

  1. Condensation – when warm, moist air from inside your home meets with the cold surface of a glass window, condensation occurs. Condensation can happen for a few reasons, but if it’s constant and frost appears, then it’s time for new windows.

  2. Visual Damage – windows are exposed to the elements (harsh winds and rain, freezing temperatures and harmful UV rays). Check for things like cracks in the glass, peeling paint, water damage, or signs of warping.
  3. Moisture Buildup Between Panes – if water is collecting between the windowpanes of double-pane windows, the airtight seal between the two panes is broken, and it’s no longer insulating like it should. A cracked seal is a sure sign that it’s time to replace your windows.
  4. Difficulty Opening and Closing – windows becoming harder to open and close? WD-40 can only go so far. Difficulty opening or closing windows can be a sign of deterioration and pose a security risk.
  5. Single Pane Windows – older homes often feature single pane windows, which offer no insulation and lack the energy efficiency of new windows.

If you’ve also noticed an increase in your home’s heating and cooling energy costs or these visible signs of damage, it may be time to replace your windows. Windows that need to be replaced and are left without repair or replacement have the potential to harm resale value, damage the structure of your home, and even affect your health. Don’t hesitate to have a qualified, licensed contractor evaluate the windows in your home and make a recommendation on replacement.

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