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Biomechanical Investigations

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C.S.I. investigators have nothing on CED Investigative Technologies’ biomechanical engineers.  Many people think biomechanical engineers only get involved in slip & fall and low speed impact injury cases, which is a misunderstanding.  Biomechanical engineers use a variety of techniques (computational simulations, experimental models, body diagnostics, and laboratory tests) to determine the forces and motions experienced by an individual during an accident.  However, they can also match body bruising and injuries to vehicle features in order to answer the question “What really happened?”

Often times, seeing an accident is so traumatic, witnesses describe their perception of what they believe they should have seen versus what actually happened.  CED’s job is to put aside witness statements and use scientific methods to discover the accurate accident scenario.  

CED uses a compilation of existing information to recreate accidents.  All scene photographs, police documentation, witness statements, autopsy reports, and the victim’s pre & post accident medical records and photographs are reviewed and analyzed.   Determination of forces required to produce accident injuries along with direction and magnitude of the forces of the occupant, are compared to the injuries to determine if they are consistent with witness descriptions.  An essential piece of the puzzle requires the biomechanical engineer to perform a C.S.I. style body diagnostics where he matches the bruising and injuries on the body to features on the car/truck/train/bus.

Finally the biomechanical engineer evaluates all the information (the impact forces, acceleration, body diagnostics and injury matching) to determine the facts.  The scientific evidence reveals the information which can be used to determine the position of the victim’s body upon impact and solves the issue of differing witness statements.  

In the future, let CED’s talented biomechanical engineers use their investigative techniques to help solve the engineering issues in your case. Call your nearest CED Investigative Technologies representative, or visit us online at

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