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Applying Biomechanics to Workplace Accidents

When it comes to workplace accidents, there are many factors to consider – age of equipment, walking surface condition and location – all can contribute to an accident. Biomechanical engineers can help determine if the injury pattern is consistent with the forces involved in what allegedly occurred. Biomechanics is an applied science encompassing the disciplines of biology, anatomy, and mechanical engineering. Biomechanics utilizes engineering and medical principles to describe human motion and forces acting upon the body.

To investigate the claim or complaint, a biomechanical analysis is conducted. This analysis involves an investigation of the forces and motions associated with the work activity or event reported to have caused the injury. A biomechanical engineer then evaluates the accident claim and associated actions by the injured and compares the forces and mechanisms from those actions with published injury tolerance values.

Consider hiring a biomechanical engineer for your next workplace injury or claim to gain a better understanding of the possible influences on the accident. CED’s team of expert engineers includes biomechanical engineers experienced with investigating these types of claims. Contact us today for your next workplace injury or claim, or submit a case request online.

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