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Ready to head back to work? – Make sure your car is!


The latest U.S. news is starting to sound a little more hopeful. Some states and companies will be getting back to work sooner than later, providing a light at the end of the tunnel for the American workforce and economy. Plans, guidelines, and timetables are all being developed and weighed, and people are getting ready to venture back to the workplace. As we wait for plans to be released – what can quarantine workers do to ensure they are ready when the time comes?

For one thing, people should be checking their vehicles to make sure that they are ready. Cars are not designed to sit unused for extended periods of time. Battery charges, fluids, and tires should all be checked, even when a car has been sitting idle or minimally used. Make sure that you don’t let your car sit for a period with a low fuel level to prevent moisture build up in the tank.

The first order of business is to grab the owner’s manual from the glovebox. If the owner’s manual is missing, search for the manual online by your vehicle’s year and model number. Some owner’s manuals will have a section dedicated to “Maintenance Schedule” providing instructions on things that should be routinely examined. If your manual doesn’t provide one – don’t worry – CED Engineers can help!

Our vehicular experts recommend checking the following:

  1. Engine Oil
  2. Coolant Levels
  3. Brake Fluid Level
  4. Check for evidence of any fluid leaks pooled beneath the vehicle
  5. Air Filter
    • You may be surprised to hear that small animals like mice will build nests in engine compartments that have sat idle for a period of time.
  6. Battery
    • There is potential for a dead battery. Dead batteries can be charged by purchasing what is known as a trickle charger or battery charger from an auto parts store.
  7. Tire Pressure
    • Newer cars may have a monitor where it displays the tire pressure. For older cars you will need to manually check each tire for the pressure recommended by the manufacturer.

Make sure that you start and warm up the vehicle at least once every two weeks and drive it several miles. This allows for the engine and the whole car to stay lubricated and healthy. It is our hope that soon we will be heading back to our normal lives and driving our vehicles out on the open road and to work. Having a safe and dependable car is very important – so from all of us at CED – stay safe!

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