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Are Convertible Cars More Dangerous?

For convertible car drivers, warmer weather means it’s time to let the top down. Convertibles are a great way to enjoy the open road, whether you’re commuting to work or going on a road trip. While you may think that the exposed top means a higher risk for injury in the case of a crash, the latest data says otherwise.

Despite their appearance, late-model convertibles are no riskier than fixed-roof vehicles, according to an analysis of crash and fatality rates. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reported that crash and fatality rates are actually lower for convertibles than other vehicles, although the difference in fatality rates is not statistically significant.

IIHS found that convertibles are involved in 6% fewer crashes per mile driven, with an 11% lower driver fatality rate. Drivers of convertibles were, however, more likely to be ejected from a convertible in a fatal crash; 21% of convertible drivers killed were ejected from the vehicle compared to 17% of nonconvertible drivers. In rollover crashes, fatality rates doubled to 43% for convertible drivers and 35% for nonconvertible drivers.

Considering this data, convertibles don’t pose a particular safety risk based solely on their design. When approaching an accident like a convertible crash, our engineers consider all factors – from human factors, weather elements, and roadway characteristics to the vehicle’s design, safety, and operational features. To determine causation in a vehicular accident, consider CED’s Transportation GroupSubmit a case online, or contact us here.  

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