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Engineer Highlight: M. Aaron Carr

M. Aaron Carr, P.E. – Mechanical Engineer

The Maryland Multi-Tool

  • Annapolis, MD Office
  • Committed to service and family values
  • Expertise ranging from nuclear engineering to all things mechanical to workplace safety in the industrial environment

  • Experienced Engineer:
    • Aaron is a hands on engineer who has spent his academic years studying science and his military career and work experience applying science. This combination qualifies him to serve as mechanical engineering expert in both marine and vehicle matters.
  • Highlighted Areas of Expertise:
    • Vehicle component failure analysis
    • Marine engineering
    • Nautical rules of the road
  • Outside of work he can be found fixing and restoring cars, sailing on the Chesapeake, and spending time with his family.

Case Highlight:

The owners of the building were reporting pressure drops at weird hours. The question was posed if the plumbing system was in compliance with the international plumbing code. Aaron was tasked to find out: if it drops 1%, is it a defective system?

Aaron designed and built a custom circuit board to monitor the system and log for pressure and water temperatures. He set up this system to monitor 24 hours per day for a few months. The goal was to maintain pressure of greater than 20 psi not to exceed 80 psi, maintain temp below 120 degrees to prevent scalding while mainitaining 140 degress in the water heater to prevent Legionellae.

The resulting data showed that it did in fact have multiple pressure and temperature drops that violated international plumbing code. The entire process – instrument design and construction, logging to SD card, and post processing analysis – is seamless when an experienced engineer like Aaron is tasked with the challenge.

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