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Human Factors Experts

What are Human Factors?

Human Factors describes the science of integrating human characteristics, capabilities, and behavior into the design of products and systems.

The Human Factors Experts at CED explain how people respond to environments, products, and systems in predictable ways, and how those environments, products, and systems should be designed to prevent foreseeable events and injuries.

Human Factors Experts have experience investigating:

  • Motor Vehicle Collisions
    • Experts identify the factors that contributed to the accident: Driver Behavior, Reaction Times, Driver Distraction, Nighttime Visibility, Pedestrian Conspicuity, and others. Computer simulations are used to demonstrate many of these issues and challenges, answering questions like what could be seen, when, and for how long.
  • Premises Liability
    • Humans can fail to detect walking hazards due to the shape, color, and contrast of the hazard. The expectations of humans come from experience and conditioned responses. In these instances, stairway and walkway designs, or warning and hazard markings and signs, can be very important.
  • Product Liability
    • Product manufacturers have the responsibility to provide products that are reasonably safe for their intended use. Product designers consider how people will use and even misuse their products.  Product designers also consider that people come in all sizes, shapes, and ages and that people can act very differently in any given situation. The aim of product designers should be to provide an adequate design, guard or warning and consider alternative designs to mitigate hazards and protect the end user. 

At CED, we have Human Factors Experts that will test and investigate the Human Factors in your case. Court acceptance of human factors opinions is not black and white. Contact CED to make sure your expert is qualified.

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