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HVAC Failure & Maintenance

During summer travel, exploration and hectic schedules, HVAC systems are often neglected. When temperatures are at an all-time high, ensuring proper maintenance of your HVAC system can help prevent AC failure during a heatwave while conserving energy and saving money. Neglecting HVAC maintenance can result in a broken-down system that simply drives up energy costs and can shorten the lifespan of your system.

Like automobiles, HVAC systems require regular maintenance to prevent future problems. Unexpected breakdowns are common and often occur without warning at the most inconvenient times, like the hottest days of the year. Aside from the expense of HVAC repair or replacement, a neglected or improperly maintained system costs more to operate because it is not performing at peak efficiency. Moreover, routine maintenance prolongs the life of the system and ensures it remains under warranty, providing additional protection.

A neglected HVAC system is unlikely to perform properly which can result in excessive moisture in the indoor air. Elevated moisture promotes the development of fungal growth in the interior of the building.  Poorly maintained HVAC systems in Florida have been identified as the cause of fungal growth and the often staggering cost of its remediation and associated time consuming construction repairs. Protracted times for repairs can poison tenant landlord relationships causing irreparable friction. The bottom line is, moisture is the enemy in warm areas, and a good HVAC system keeps the moisture where it is wanted: outside in the fresh air.

When HVAC issues reach the point of litigation you need an expert with experience to provide opinions regarding performance problems, on both residential and commercial systems. Whether the concern is property damage due to a leak, indoor air quality, improper performance due to inadequate maintenance design and/or sizing of system; mechanical engineers identify the root cause of HVAC related matters. Operation and maintenance oftentimes play into the HVAC performance issues and failures that end up in claims and litigation.

The investigation begins with an inspection the failed equipment to determine the cause and origin point. Testing of suspect components may be required to determine if a component is functioning properly or if it experienced a failure that caused or contributed to the event.  Additionally, an expert may need to evaluate the malfunction/failure as it relates to the HVAC system design and installation.  The examination will clarify whether the manufacturer guidelines were followed and that all sizing calculations and proper materials were used in the installation of the system. CED engineers are experienced with evaluating the design and function of commercial HVAC systems.

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