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What makes a Great Forensic Engineer?

Wikipedia defines Forensic Engineering as “…the investigation of materials, products, structures or components that fail or do not operate or function as intended, causing personal injury or damage to property.”  What Wikipedia does not tell you is what you need to look for when retaining a forensic engineer.

“Einstein was brilliant but not sure how he would hold up on the stand.”

Here is what some of our clients look for in a forensic engineer:

“When I reach out to find an expert, the first attribute that I look for is competency.  Do they have the appropriate experience or education for the case? The second is time management.  The legal business is all about deadlines.  I need an expert who shows up on time for an inspection, delivers reports well in advance and meets my schedule with flexibility.  The last is communication.  Whether returning calls/emails or discussing the case details – I need my expert to be accessible.”

–NYC Defense Attorney

Here are some of the attributes that are important in retaining a Forensic Engineer:

  • Good Listener – Can easily understand your needs and does not try to solve the case on the initial call
  • Competent – Has experience or related education pertaining to your assignment.
  • Professional – Shows up early to inspections, has the right equipment with safety gear.
  • Tech Savvy – Has the right technology to go above the call of duty.
    Communicative – Responsive, is thorough and available concerning your needs.
  • Supportive – Performs the proper research and develops conclusions based upon sound science.
  • Trial Ready – Able to walk into a courtroom and/or deposition and represent your client.

These are just some of the basics that CED requires of its engineers.  To investigate what makes a good engineer – just go to our Expert Pages at

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