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Improving Public Safety on Construction Sites

While there are extensive employee safety standards applied to construction workers, there are additional safety measures that should be taken to protect the general public. The American National Standard Institute (ANSI) standard for Protection of the Public on or Adjacent to Construction Sites (ANSI A10.34) specifically addresses public safety.

The ANSI A10.34 standard is intended to provide guidelines to protect public safety, but people are still injured as a result of passing near construction sites at the wrong time. Safety in construction areas can be improved with prominent barriers and fences. Posting highly visible signs warning people not to enter areas full of heavy equipment can help keep people at a safe distance during construction operations. 

Visibility restrictions may cause problems for pedestrians near construction sites as cranes, forklifts, excavators, and other vehicles move into and out of construction sites. Altered traffic patterns near construction sites can also contribute to vehicular accidents. Other threats to the general public include falling objects, construction dust, noise, vibrations, and exposure to dangerous or toxic materials.

The public should give equipment operators and construction sites a very wide berth. Pay attention to gates, fences, and warnings, and always be cautious. The engineers at CED are experienced with investigation construction accidents involving workers or the general public.

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