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Going Off the Rails: Railroad Accident Investigators

CED provides a thorough evaluation of train accidents, combining a multi-disciplinary approach. The experts on our team specialize in mechanical, electrical, and civil/structural engineering, as well as material science and human factors.

During investigations, our engineer will examine elements such as machine design, safety training, maintenance records, and the operator’s assigned tasks to determine the root cause. Complete accident reconstruction of a train collision or derailment is key to understanding the actions of the involved parties and the effects of all contributing factors. 

Human Factors in Railroad Accidents:

  • Crossings
    • Visibility
    • Sound Signal
    • Time/motion studies
  • Machinery Accidents
    • Tracked or fixed
    • Non tracked (Mobile Elevated Work Platform)
  • Premises Liability at Stations
    • Slip & Falls
    • Trip & Falls
    • Premise structures (steps, ladders, hand railings)
    • Foundation cracks
  • E.L.A Claims
    • Injury Causation

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