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Reconstructing a Multi-Car Accident


Vehicular accident reconstructions are conducted by CED experts to answer questions regarding an accident, such as position of the vehicles before, during and after the accident, who was driving, where were the victims seated, were they wearing seat belts or did a specific item cause injury to a victim. So how does an expert answer these questions when asked to reconstruct a 17-vehicle pile-up four years after the accident occurred? Only CED engineers, out of 13 defendant experts, took on the challenge and through their time and efforts accomplished such a feat.

The accident occurred on a major highway during normal operating hours. It began when a semi-tractor trailer jack-knifed while trying to avoid a vehicle in the middle of the road. The accident involved semi-tractor trailers, one straight truck, cars and pickup trucks.

With such an accident of this magnitude, CED performed a detailed site inspection, as even after four years, the roadway was not considerably changed. CED engineers reviewed exemplar vehicles, police reports with photographs and measurements, accident victim and witness statements, depositions and interrogatories. After intense investigation, two-dimensional time stepped diagrams (utilized for event sequencing), models of the accident scene and the vehicles involved, CED experts concluded our client's semi-trailer truckload of coils did not damage vehicles involved in the pile-up as the plaintiffs' claimed. CED engineers provided guidance and clarification in the courtroom everyday to the attorney's on various evidence and witness testimony because CED was capable of understanding the details regarding the entire accident through investigation and reconstruction.

This accident reconstruction proves that visiting the accident scene along with reviewing high quality photographs, documentation and preserving the evidence can help improve your chances of winning a case or at the very least, limiting your liability. Please call us today at 800.780.4221  or visit us online at

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