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Reconstructing Conspicuity and Line of Sight

Conspicuity is defined as the property of being clearly discernible and the state or quality of being clear or bright. When it comes to accident investigations, a conspicuity expert can be a useful asset in premises liability cases, machinery incidents, and in traffic crashes.

Human factors experts may take conspicuity into consideration when evaluating if equipment controls can actually be seen by the operator, and if a warning labels’ design, color, size, and location are effective warnings or “noise” in a sea of stickers.

For accidents involving motor vehicles, pedestrians, or bicycles, the analysis frequently involves who could see what and when. When it is a question of sight lines, an accident reconstructionist is often the expert best suited to assist. Inspections, aided by the latest rendering technology and software programs, allow reconstructionists to ascertain lines of sight and provide a simple way to display complex changes in lines of sight as objects and subjects move through an environment.

Computer simulations can assist in the accident reconstruction and produce renderings that show what happened from the point of view of both the pedestrian and the vehicle operator. In cases like this, knowing exactly what the participants could see, and when they could see it, is often one of the most important factors.

For cases and claims where conspicuity and line of sight come into question, it’s important to have the right expert on the case that has access to latest simulation and rendering software. Contact us and we can connect you to an expert engineer, or submit a case request online.

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