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Improving Parking Lot Design for Safety

Parking lots can pose dangers for pedestrians and drivers leading to accidents, injuries, and premises liability cases. While some of these cases can be attributed to human factors, the risk of personal injury and property damage in parking lots can be reduced with proper design, construction, lighting, and maintenance.

Proper design takes into account factors and elements to increase safety for everyone, whether on foot or in a vehicle. While local codes may vary, a safe parking lot layout may:

  • Ensure Visibility and Proper Lighting
  • Clearly Designate Walkways and Paths of Egress
  • Comply with ADA Standards
  • Follow ASTM Guidelines
  • Include Directional Signage and Pavement Markings
  • Incorporate Speed Bumps and Curb/Wheel Stops
  • Provide for Proper Drainage
  • Provide for Adequate Snow/Ice Removal
  • Provide Adequate Slip Resistance

Even with proper design and safety features in place, accidents can still occur. CED Technologies has mechanical engineers, civil engineers, and human factors experts who have investigated parking lot accidents all over the country. If you have a case involving a premises liability claim, contact us or submit a case request online.

Click Here to Submit an Inquiry for a Claim or Case.

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