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C. Gregory Russell
Accident Reconstructionist

M.A., Legal and Ethical Studies, University of Baltimore
B.S., Criminal Justice, University of Baltimore
A.A., Criminal Justice, Hartford Community College

Areas of Expertise
Accident Reconstruction
Crash Data Retrieval
Crush Analysis
Use of Excel in Accident Reconstruction
Hazardous Materials

Mr. Russell is a former U.S Military Police Officer with over 30 years of law enforcement experience, over 25 years of experience in Collision Reconstruction. He has advanced training in Crash Investigation & Reconstruction and specialized training in Crash Investigation & Reconstruction from the
Institute of Police Technology and Management, Texas A&M, Engineering Extension and
the Collision Safety Institute.
Prior to joining CED Mr. Russell was a certified Department of Transportation Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Inspector and completed the Federal Motor Carrier Inspector’s Course; Hazardous Materials Inspector’s Course and Bulk Cargo Container Inspector’s Course. He has taught all three levels of crash investigation, crush energy analysis, pedestrian accident investigation, advanced accident investigation, and currently is the only person in the country offering a course in the use of Excel in accident investigation.
Additionally, he has been recognized as an expert collision reconstructionist consultant in several states. And is qualified in the following areas:
Breathalyzer Operator
Radar Operator
Preliminary Breath Test Operator
Intoximeter Operator
Level I Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspector
Hazardous Materials Inspector
LIDAR Operator
Crash Data Retrieval Technician Trainer
In addition to being a featured guest speaker on accident reconstruction he has written and published an equation book for collision investigation and a program for speed calculations. He also has published materials on Traffic Accidents and Formulas, Principal Direction and Force, Crash Research, Momentum/Vectoring and Post Impact Speed Analysis.

Societies & Honors
The Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR)
National Association of Professional Acci-dent Reconstruction Specialists( NAPARS)
Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
Maryland Association of Traffic Accident Investigators (MdATAI)
International Network of Collision Recon-structionist (INCR)
Event Data Recorder for Collision Recon-struction Group (CDRTool)
International Collision Investigators
Discussion List (RTA Investigators)
Traffic Response & Safety Research Group (TRSR)

Office Location: Maryland-Annapolis

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88 Trap Falls Road
Shelton, CT 06484
Telephone (203) 929-1339
Fax (203) 929-1534
Toll Free (800) 780-4221

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