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The “Right Stuff” – What Engineers Bring to Inspections

Leading engineers

The inspection is the most critical part of a case, apart from deposition and trial, because it is the one and only opportunity for engineers to “memorialize” the accident scene and, from the evidence that is gathered, to recreate how events unfolded at that snapshot in time.  Since the engineer has one shot to get it right (as accident scenes change over time due to variables like weather, maintenance, traffic, etc.) engineers must be extremely prepared, thorough and vigilant…and this is where CED standards are a cut above.

What we deliver:

Most CED engineers have advanced degrees in their field and a Professional Engineer license (P.E.) — or be in the process of obtaining one — as a pre-condition of employment.  In addition, once joining CED, the engineers have ongoing specialty training (targeting a specific expertise, like vehicular fires or crane accidents, for instance) within their general field of engineering.  Our engineers bring meticulous attention to detail to every inspection, arriving at the site looking neat and professional, confident and well-spoken.  They arrive at the scene well prepared, having done research pertaining to the particular accident scenario. Every inspection bag is packed with the necessary equipment, fully calibrated, to do the job: measuring devices (temperature, pressure, distance), 3-D scanner, video cameras, photography equipment.

How we do it:

In a word, by being patient.  CED engineers doggedly dig for explanations, never making quick assumptions or accepting the easy answer.  They refuse to be pressured for time by other parties at the scene, not beholden to anyone else’s timeline.  They know that often, there is not an easy answer but in fact a series or combination of cascading events that caused the mishap.  A client (attorney, claims adjuster – who typically is not present at inspections) need not worry about loose threads or sloppy work or jumping to premature conclusions when CED is on the scene.

Although very few cases typically go to trial, CED engineers are trained to always assume each and every case will end up in trial.  This disciplined mindset is at the heart of CED’s reputation as the company’s experts perform inspections, conduct post-inspection analysis, evaluate witness statements and prepare to be deposed.  Methodical procedures and processes lead to outcomes of clarity and indisputable evidence in cases when these cases end up in trial…or not.Click Here To See Our Full List of Experts Click Here To Submit an Inquiry about a possible Claim or Case.

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