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Using Virtual Crash Software to Show Human Simulations

Virtual Crash software is a powerful tool to create accident simulations and animations. Our team of expert engineers often use this software for vehicle crashes to demonstrate travel distance, speed, and other elements before, during, and after impact. In addition to vehicles, Virtual Crash software can be used to simulate human motion. These simulations include falls from heights, trip and falls, and pedestrian and vehicle impacts. The ability to display human body motion and the potential injuries that result from that motion can be an important element in understanding how an incident actually occurred.

The latest Virtual Crash software includes a catalogue of animated human motions. The human models can be scaled to height and weight for a more accurate representation. Human models also interact with the environment during physics-based simulations. Our engineers use these human body models to replicate and visualize the motions and forces that someone would have experienced during an accident.

Our engineers can create human simulations in Virtual Crash software environment that involve line-of-sight issues using the actual geometries surrounding an accident area. In one example, we could show the viewpoints of a driver and cyclist involved in a motor vehicle and bicycle collision. Simulations help to visually demonstrate the issues of visibility leading up to impact.



The example above shows how a human body can fall forward when tripping on a curb. This application could also be used in slip and fall cases to demonstrate how the human body interacted with the walking surface or objects in the near field.

When it comes to visualizing an accident, whether to better understand the elements at play, calculate the forces and reactions, or simply show how the damage or injury occurred, Virtual Crash software is an indispensable tool. Contact us today to review your case or submit a case inquiry online.

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