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Improved Virtual Crash Investigation Software

When it comes to crash investigations, having the right technology can make all the difference in determining causation. The engineers in CED’s Transportation Group use Virtual Crash technology to display the physics of an accident in a measurable simulation.

The latest iteration of the Virtual Crash software takes technical simulations even further. After surveying the accident site with a 3D laser scanner, drone, and hand measurement tools, our engineers create 3D models of the crash site and vehicles. Crash information is collected from police reports, witness statements, GPS data, CDR retrieval, ECM retrieval, and surveillance videos for accurate locations and speeds. The models and information are put into the simulation software that computes real, physics-based calculations to recreate the accident.

In this example, our engineer considers the forces involved in a two-car accident in a parking lot. As you can see in the video simulation, the two cars approach the intersection where the impact occurred. We would use this simulation to understand the pre and post-crash movements of the cars using real physics analysis and show what actually occurred at the time of impact.

A simulation has to follow the basic rules of physics and uses physics-based calculations for vehicles in specific situations. These simulations can be a powerful tool to visually display how an accident occurred and can be used to assist in periodic case reviews and are generally accepted as reliable and accurate. Virtual Crash simulations have successfully been introduced into courts in the United States. If you have a crash investigation that would benefit from an expert review and simulation, contact us today or submit a case review.

Below are further examples of the same crash simulation to view multiple angles of the same crash.

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