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Why a well Trained Forensic Engineer can really Help your Case



Often times engineering experts are not engaged until Discovery is over and a trial is imminent. This can be a mistake. You may be missing out on an opportunity to strengthen a case and not taking full advantage of valuable resources.  When a qualified expert gets involved in a case, along with their specialized expertise they will bring a process and insight. They will know what information is needed and what is important. This will ensure nothing is missed and the correct details are included. Details such as:

  • Accident Reports
  • Make, Model, and Serial number of equipment
  • Depositions/Witness Statements
  • Manufacturer Recalls
  • Standards & Procedures
  • Maintenance Records
  • Training Records
  • Original Purchase Contract & Current Ownership/Rental Agreements

Guess work is removed and focus is improved. Getting the expert involved early can both strengthen your case and provide insight into opposing arguments

What does 22 years of engineering expertise and forensic engineering bring to your case?

  • A Trained Eye – CED engineers have been investigating accidents and claims for 22 years; we see accidents every day. This experience allows CED to notice trends in accidents that others might miss. Detecting product modifications, wrongful claims and unintended use are all facilitated by real world experience.
  • Extensive Database – CED maintains a database of accidents. Claims and cases spanning from personal injury and product liability to construction defects and envelope issues. This saves clients time and money and provides an expedited strategy and approach to support the claim or case.
  • Licensed Engineers – CED provides licensed engineers who have a combined real world and academic background who are genuinely curious and interested in solving problems and finding contributing factors.
  • Initial Consultation – CED does not charge for initial consultation with its Engineering Experts. These discussions often help in the determination of the strength of a case or with the discovery plan

CED Investigative Technologies has engineers and scientists that have been investigating accidents and losses for over 20 years. Our engineers and scientists know how to properly analyze an accident, write reports, give depositions and testify at trial.

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