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Construction: Investigate Beyond the Accident


When it comes to construction-related investigations, CED Technologies is probably best known for its capabilities regarding construction defects, safety and structural analysis.  Although the ability to understand the precise mechanisms of failure is crucial to any forensic investigation, a thorough understanding of the construction process may be required for more complex matters.  With a deep well of experience in project management, construction documents and contract administration, CED Technologies possesses the in-house talent to go wherever the investigation leads.

In addition to technical documents, all construction-related incidents have administrative and contractual components.  What may start off as an investigation of water intrusion for example, may lead to a closer look at the exterior walls of a building and the insulating finishing system that has been applied to them (EIFS).  If there is a problem with the EIFS, in addition to identifying the exact cause of failure, other pertinent factors may be required — Who designed, manufactured, installed or maintained it?  Was part or all of the project subcontracted out?  If so, under what conditions?  Was the whole project contracted out or split up into different projects, contractors and materials?  Were different materials or application processes used in the project?

Often, damage resulting from an incident has long been repaired, which requires investigators to heavily rely on construction documents and project files.  Sometimes the answer to culpability lies not with a failure analysis but with obtaining and reviewing maintenance records.  Perhaps there never was any physical damage to be inspected.  Instead, there may be a financial component at issue due to timing or performance delays. 

Construction projects can be expensive and complex undertakings that can be challenging to deliver on time and within budget.  Changing conditions during the execution of the work can result in unanticipated costs and delays in completion.  As such, there is usually contract language incorporated into agreements that attempt to allocate duties and risks among parties.  However, despite best efforts toward anticipating every contingency, the unpredictability of weather, supply and labor can create a need for unexpected additional capital.  The question often becomes who is responsible for this additional capital?

Having a broad and in-depth knowledge of the various components of the construction process such as quality assurance, procurement, safety and labor relations is required to thoroughly comprehend a complex construction project.  Standing on the technical knowledge that they are known for, CED construction experts have the experience necessary to skillfully interpret the administration aspects of a construction investigation. 

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