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Engineer Highlight: Brian Mills

Brian Mills, P.E. – Mechanical Engineer

A Family 4th Generation Engineer – Annapolis, MD

  • 25 years total engineering experience focused on design, manufacturing and industry
  • 8 years focused on forensic engineering basing his opining on his experience, standards, and codes
  • Highlighted Areas of Expertise:
    • Premises liability & lighting
    • Elevator & escalator accident cases
    • Amusement park ride accident cases
  • Outside of work he can be found educating college students on astronomy & the solar system, fixing/restoring cars, and spending time with his family.

Highlighted Amusement Park Ride Case

I recently investigated an amusement ride where a rider was ejected.  The newly purchased amusement ride had been installed and in service for approximately four months prior to the incident.  Through the investigation it was determined that the ride was a new design.  This was the first manufactured and operational unit.  Standing riders were secured via a locking shoulder harness and a swing door located at the patron’s thighs.  Analysis of the surveillance video showed that the swing door released during operation.  Inspection of the swing door latch mechanism confirmed that there was a design defect and manufacturing variability that would permit the swing door to release.  A review of the operator’s procedures and actions before the start of the ride were consistent with the manufacturer’s instructions.  Fortunately, the rider experienced only a minor injury.  It was a fascinating case to explore the numerous factors that could have contributed to the incident from the rider, operator, owner, and manufacturer perspective.

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