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Engineer Highlight: Charles Martorana, P.E.

Charles Martorana, P.E., CFEI
Electrical Engineer

  • Annapolis, MD Office
  • E. License in PA, MD & VA
  • Experienced Engineer:
    • 17 years of industry experience designing and implementing electrical systems
  • Highlighted Areas of Expertise:
    • Lithium-Ion Battery Cell Root Cause Failure
    • Fire/Explosion Origin and Cause
    • Electrical Power Distribution Equipment
    • Electrical Safety and Analysis
    • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), instrumentation and controls

Case Highlight:

“I was asked to investigate a personal injury allegedly occurring when an electronic cigarette containing a lithium ion battery exploded in their pocket.  This phenomenon is known as thermal runaway.  It was necessary to gain a thorough knowledge of the battery such as its chemistry, safe use, storage and operation.  Also, understanding the circumstances that brought about the incident is critical to determine the root cause failures of lithium ion batteries. Implementing modern investigative tools such as x-ray imaging, Computer Tomography (CT) scans and Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) allowed me to further analyze the internal construction and fabrication methods to determine the root cause failure of the battery. Since the technology continually changes, I find these cases are very interesting. Further, overcoming the proliferation of counterfeit lithium ion batteries in the market poses new and exciting challenges of investigation techniques.”

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