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Engineer Highlight: Jonathan Walter

Jonathan Walter, PhD, P.E., ACTAR – Biomechanical Engineer

The Expert for Today

Gone are the days when an accident reconstructionist can measure some tire marks with a ruler, snap a few photos and determine what happened in a motor vehicle collision. Jonathan Walter personifies what is now necessary to be an expert. He has three engineering degrees culminating in a doctorate in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis on the Musculoskeletal Biomechanics of Human Motion. 

After investigating hundreds of accidents he’s as comfortable on the side of a highway under a semi as he is in front of a computer screen producing a simulation. The tools he works with now are far different than the ones he used in college as a bicycle repair mechanic. Today he uses 3D laser scanners to document an accident scene and is a licensed drone pilot which allows him to quickly and accurately capture evidence in hard to access or hazardous environments. If you need to know what happened to cause an accident and how the accident affected the bodies of the people involved in the accident, then Jonathan Walter is the expert for today.

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