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Ice Dams

Ice causing water damage?

Icicles hanging from ice dam roof in New England

With the whole east coast being hit by a snow storm, and being followed up by cold temperatures, home owners need to be wary of ice dams forming on their roofs.  Ice Dams are formed by having two different temperature zones on your roof.  As snow accumulates, if there is a section of the roof that is exposed to above freezing temperatures (32 or above), the snow will melt and travel down to a below freezing (32 F or below) section of the roof creating a back-up of ice.  This can cause numerous issues including, but not limited to roof damage, water damage, insulation damage, and mold growth.

Different temperature roof zones can be caused in a several ways. First, insulation between your ceiling and the attic could not be a high enough quality thus enabling heat to escape and melt the snow on the roof.  Secondly, if there is air leakage from the house to the attic this can melt snow.  Chimneys and exhaust systems that travel through the attic can also increase heat in attic spaces and cause ice dams.

Some of these occurrences are preventable by building a home in compliance with relevant building codes.  Here at CED Technologies we have engineers that can check damage from an ice dams and determine the root of the issue.  Contact us at or 1(800) 780-4221.

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