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Transportation Group: New Infotainment Data Tool

CED Technologies, Inc. is excited to announce the addition of a powerful new tool available to the Transportation Group. Through the Berla iVe Ecosystem, CED has access to new forensic vehicle software. The iVE Ecosystem provides access to critical data points and vehicle information important when reviewing a vehicle accident or investigation.

The iVe Ecosystem is a collection of tools that supports investigators throughout the entire vehicle forensics process with a mobile application for identifying vehicles, a hardware kit for acquiring systems, and forensic software for analyzing data.

Starting around 2005, cars began recording information every time the engine starts. From location data points, music selections, phone calls, and text messages when a phone is connected, the vehicle’s infotainment system is recording. With the iVe Ecosystem technology, this information can be pulled from a car, carefully analyzed by a certified engineer, and used in an accident investigation.

Using the iVe Ecosystem, downloaded data may include routes travelled, vehicle events, location data, connected devices, media, and even voice recordings. The travel routes are overlayed on satellite maps to provide further detail of the incident. Phone data can be searched through a proprietary database to rapidly locate contact information.

CED Engineers now have access to this tool. Whether it’s a rental car, personally owned car, or commercial vehicle, if it has an infotainment system accessible by the iVe Ecosystem, CED can review it.

Aaron Carr, P.E. of our Annapolis, Maryland office is our first engineer to be certified in using the iVe Ecosystem to access infotainment systems in vehicle forensics. Over the course of five days, Aaron was trained on the entire process of identifying, acquiring, and analyzing data from vehicle systems, utilizing the iVe Ecosystem throughout the process. This expands on his impressive experience with vehicle forensics investigations.

Engineers across our Transportation Group are able to access, survey, and review car compatibility with the iVe Ecosystem. Aaron will then work with the investigating engineer to finalize results and analysis. CED is ready and waiting to review your case and access the infotainment system. This tool allows our engineers to go beyond crash data. Contact us today for your next case!

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