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Using Infotainment Data in Accident Investigations

There are many aspects of a crash to consider during an investigation, like tire marks, human factors, conspicuity, weather patterns, and onboard data collection systems. Infotainment systems provide our engineers with new insight and important data points that help present a fuller picture of actions before, during, and after an accident.

Most newer cars on the road today record information every time the engine starts. Information from the vehicle’s infotainment system includes route driven, vehicle position and speed, music selections, phone calls, text messages, gear shifts, opened doors, and even audio recordings. This information can be downloaded from a car, carefully analyzed by a certified engineer, and used as part of an accident investigation.

Whether it is a rental car, personally owned car, or commercial vehicle, if the vehicle has an accessible infotainment system, CED can review the information using supported vehicle software. Combining data from infotainment systems with evidence found at the scene of the crash, onboard data recorders, and other contributing factors gives our engineers a better understanding what occurred.

The engineers in CED’s Transportation Group bring years of experience to every crash investigation. This tool allows our engineers to go beyond crash data. Accessing critical data points recorded in the vehicle’s infotainment system can make all the difference. CED is ready and waiting to review your case and access the infotainment system. For your next vehicle crash investigation, contact us or submit a case request online.

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