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Preserving the Scene Through 3D Scanning

When reconstructing an accident, the engineers at CED rely on the latest technology and software to produce results. 3D scanning allows our engineers to preserve a scene permanently, removing the threat of deterioration and providing a means to analyze a scene long after the incident. Scanning data can also be used to create physics-based simulations of how the incident may have occurred.

3D data scans can be completed using drones, phones or tables equipped with Lidar, and dedicated 3D scanners. 3D scanning equipment uses lasers to measure distances, capturing up to one million data points per second, mapping and measuring an entire crash scene quicker and more accurately than can be done using roller wheels and tape measures. This process ensures precise documentation of the shape and locations of objects within the scene.

CED can utilize the collected data to reverse engineer components of multiple case types:

  • Vehicle Accidents – After the scene is scanned, a 3D model can be generated to document distances, sight lines, and positions of evidence in the scene as well as accurately determine crash data.
  • Fire Scene Documentation – Fire scenes are perishable and the urgency to begin repairs forever damages the ability of future scene analysis. A 3D scanner can memorialize the extent of fire damage and assist in the future discussion of the origin and cause.
  • Premises Liability – Scans can build a 3D model of the area that provides a 360-degree view. The 3D modeling fits seamlessly into Google maps for context on a larger scale.

3D scanning is one way our engineers are able to accurately reconstruct a situation. Engineers at CED are experienced using the latest technology and software for the most accurate scans and 3D models. Our engineers can produce simulations to assist in the analysis of the incident. Contact us for your next accident investigation or submit a case review online.

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