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The Challenges of Our 2023 Reality in the Workforce

Our 2023 reality is that companies must attempt to maintain previously obtained efficiencies throughout inflation, supply chain shortages, and a revolving workforce to remain competitive while keeping their workforce safe.  Though, this combination of challenges has the potential to result in increased workplace accidents due to using unplanned or previously unknown raw materials, altered processes due to these new raw materials, and/or a newly trained workforce.  While such changes to previous practice may be required from an economic standpoint, they can also lead to a workforce that fails to work safely or efficiently.

The above changes to the manufacturing processes place multiple burdens on engineering and leadership staff to alter their equipment, processes, and personnel (re)training.  These changes may or may not be openly embraced or immediately understood by all those affected.  As a result, any subsequent workplace accidents are often immediately blamed on alleged failures of the engineering or leadership.  Of course, it is possible that there has been a failure of some sort, but the altered equipment, processes, or training are often wrongfully blamed because any change is easy to identify.

CED’s engineers have the experience to investigate any workplace accident quickly and efficiently and to provide a detailed report.  Such investigations include a detailed photographic and dimensional survey of the accident scene along with a written report about the equipment and processes in use prior to the accident and employee actions before and during the accident.

CED’s engineers are particularly suited to understand the equipment, processes, and training involved prior to the accident, and are qualified to determine whether those were appropriate and in accordance with relevant standards, rules, and laws.  Many CED engineers have years of experience designing products, designing manufacturing equipment, managing manufacturing processes, and training manufacturing workforces in the use of such equipment and processes.  Further, many of CED’s engineers have received extensive training in the rules set forth by OSHA (and similar) and have spent time implementing such rules.

Should the need arise, CED’s bench of engineering talent further includes experts in product design, human factors, biomechanical factors, and other disciplines to help identify and resolve issues that may arise as part of any investigation.  CED engineers work well as a group to utilize those best suited for a particular project or portion of a project such the client obtains the best result possible.

Workplace accident?  Please reach out to CED as soon as possible after the accident to see how we can help you.

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