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The Evolution of an Investigation

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When a client reaches out to CED for help regarding a specific question, a conflict check is conducted, the appropriate engineer is assigned and an investigation is initiated in pursuit of the answer.  Although this effort often yields a defining result, sometimes the effort leads to a platform of understanding from which further investigative options reveal themselves. 

As facts and information are uncovered, investigations can evolve from their original scope.  Consider an accident that has occurred at a construction site where multiple parties are involved.  A civil engineer may go to the scene to document and identify contributing factors to the incident.  This may uncover a need for a structural engineer to examine a joist, a mechanical engineer to examine equipment used to hoist the joist into place, a materials engineer to examine the metal components holding the joist together or an electrical engineer to examine a wire running between the joists.

In a way, an investigation can be thought of as a layered effort.  An expert often begins an investigation with few facts of what actually happened.  The initial inspection is often one of discovery, a way of defining the scope of the investigation, identifying areas of further exploration and determining the talent needed to credibly investigate those areas.  As these areas are explored, important facts may reveal themselves.  This information by itself can be conclusive or it may be used to create scientifically based tests, which may lead to the ultimate conclusion.

CED engineers are trained to focus their efforts within the sphere of their own expertise.  This keeps their participation efficient and their opinions credible.  They are also trained to recognize when an investigation strays outside their area of expertise, identify what is needed and bring that talent to bear.  All this is routinely done seamlessly under the roof of CED, without the need for the client to search for additional expertise as the investigation evolves. If you have a case and would like more information on our experts, please call us today at 800.780.4221  or visit us online at

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