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Animations can make powerful and cost effective reports

Adding a visual component to your case makes simplicity effective

We’ve all heard the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  How many words then is an animation worth?  Let’s do the math.  The typical animation has 15 to 20 frames a second.  6 to 8 seconds is all it takes to animate an average accident.  If you multiply 6 by 15 by a thousand, you get a six second animation is equal to a 90,000 word report.  At 500 words a page, that’s the equivalent of a 180 page report.  Now obviously, there’s nothing scientific about the 1000 words, it comes from an old saying.  But, it may be hitting pretty close to the mark.

Try and describe an accident.  Can you do it without your hands?  It is possible.  But it certainly is a lot more difficult, takes much more time and probably isn’t nearly as effective.  There’s an old joke that says the only way to get a fighter pilot to shut up is to break both his hands.  They can’t describe a dogfight without the use of their hands.

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