Engineer Highlight: Geoff Wardman

Geoff Wardman, P.E.- Mechanical Engineer

The Sherlock Holmes of Shelton, CT

  • Shelton, CT Office
  • Multiple areas of expertise with a broad range of experience
  • Experienced Engineer:
    • 18 years of engineering at ASML, including fatigue testing, robust design, and mechanical architecture.
  • Highlighted Areas of Expertise:
    • Accident Reconstruction
    • Premises Liability
    • Building Codes
    • Product Failure Analysis
  • Outside of work he can be found fixing and restoring cars, sailing on his boat, and spending time with his family and their dog, Henry.

Case Highlight:

“I was asked to investigate a head on collision.  It was a last-minute request and I jumped into the case right away. I reviewed the file materials, studied the photographs, and did a series of crash simulations. The simulations confirmed what I suspected from the photos. The police report was completely wrong, and my client was not at fault.”

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