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Engineer Highlight: Garry Brock


Dr. Garry Brock, Jr., Ph.D., P.E. – Biomechanical/Mechanical Engineer

  • Annapolis, MD Office
  • P.E. License in NY, MD, DC, and DE
  • Experienced Engineer:
    • 6 years of forensic engineering focused on biomechanics and injury analysis
  • Highlighted Areas of Expertise:
    • Injury Analysis
      • Low Speed Impact Injuries
      • Fitness Injuries
      • Premises Injuries
      • Amusement Ride Injuries
    • Human-Environment Interactions
    • Product Design and Evaluation
    • Human Factors

Case Highlight:

“I was asked to investigate an injury allegedly occurring when a water slide rider went down the ride. It was necessary to gain a profile of the forces involved so we used accelerometers with weights simulating the riders and tested the ride. Using the acceleration data we were able to determine that the waterslide was both consistent with standards, and unlikely to have loadings consistent with causing the alleged injury. Review of file demonstrated a history of exercise by the plaintiff which was consistent with creating the mechanism and loadings necessary for the injury. The case was very interesting since we were able to gain a full profile of the forces involved in the water slide, and determine at every point what types of loadings the body would be seeing.”

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